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EA Sports College Football 24 Cover Athlete Front Runners – Stick Skills

The much awaited release of EA Sports College Football 24 is moving more detailed with each passing day. Among the most significant concerns that still stays is which gamer will be on the cover of this year’s video game.

While we do not yet understand the main response, there are some NCAA football gamers that certainly making a case on their own.

Here are the 3 gamers who presently have the very best opportunity to be on the EA Sports College Football 24 cover.

Bryce Young– Alabama, QB

Bryce Young is the ruling Heisman Prize winner and is the star quarterback for the most effective college football group of the previous years. Those 2 achievements by themselves put him as the clear preferred to be the cover professional athlete.

Young currently has a lot of NIL handle significant brand names consisting of Nissan and Dr. Pepper. If you are a fan of college football you have actually unquestionably seen him in a handful of commercials.

This is a gamer who is plainly going to negotiate.

If EA Sports can get among the most significant names in college football, at the most essential position, from it’s most effective contemporary program, they would be silly not to put him on the cover.

C.J. Stroud– Ohio St., QB

C.J. Stroud would be another terrific choice for the EA Sports College Football 24 cover. You still get a gamer from a huge name University (Ohio State) and you get among the most interesting gamers in college football.

College Football 24 will be the very first NCAA Football video game in a years so this isn’t a year for EA Areas to gamble on the cover. This will not be a Peyton Hillis on the Madden 12 cover scenario.

Stroud had an excellent 2021 season and is off to an excellent start in the 2022 season too. Through October 2022, many NFL mock drafts still have Stroud going # 1 total.

This would be another extremely low threat option for EA Sports to place on the cover. A leading draft choice from an elite school will certainly assist offer a lot of copies of the video game.

Caleb Williams– USC, QB

In the previous every NCAA Football computer game needed to have a gamer who was no longer playing college football on the cover. That might no longer hold true with the upcoming College Football 24 video game.

If EA Sports wished to make certain that the gamer they place on the cover of their video game will play college football in the 2023 season, then Caleb Williams is the best option.

Unlike the other 2 gamers on this list, Caleb Williams isn’t qualified for the 2023 NFL draft considering that he is just 2 years out of high school.

Once Again this would be a safe option. Williams is an incredibly popular quarterback from among the most prominent football schools in the nation.

Early reports suggest that EA Sports College Football 24 will have a complete transfer website system and there is no much better gamer to highlight that than Williams who moved from the University of Oklahoma to USC in the 2022 offseason.

It’s still early and there are definitely a lot of other certified NCAA Football gamers who might be the cover professional athlete. That being stated, the chances are exceptionally high that when all is stated and done among the 3 gamers we noted above will be on the EA Sports College Football 24 cover.

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